CALDWELL -- Federal aviation investigators are looking into what caused a plane crash at the Caldwell Airport Sunday night.

The pilot, 58-year-old Phillip Jacobs from Meridian, was flying solo and attempting to land at the airport when the crash happened, according to the Caldwell Police Department.

When police and fire crews arrived, the plane was fully engulfed in flames on the main runway; however, Jacobs suffered no injuries.

According to the airport, Jacobs was doing routine practice take-offs and landings at the airport Sunday night. Officials say that type of training is standard for pilots to maintain their licenses.

Airport officials think that Jacobs may have forgotten to put down his landing gear and realized it just before touching down.

He tried to pull up at the last second but the plane stalled, causing it to bounce on the runway, and catch fire.

Caldwell Airport Manager Rob Oates says that pilots can learn a lesson from this incident.

If anything this reinforces that notion to always use your checklist and just always be very meticulous on how you approach it. Because general aviation can be very, very safe; and it is very safe, but it's unforgiving if you do make errors, Oates said.

We're told the pilot called 911 once he was out of the plane. No one else was in the plane at the time of the crash.

The FAA is investigating.

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