MERIDIAN -- A roadblock is not something a business owner wants in front of their shop. The Meridian Split Corridor project is causing headaches for drivers, and worries for some businesses.

In an effort to help, the City of Meridian and the Meridian Chamber of Commerce got together a cash mob to help drive folks to local businesses.

We had a power outage and a lot of dirt and dust, but as far as the construction, they clean up and try to stay out of our way and we try to stay out of theirs, said Lance Palmer, the owner of Bobby's Transmission Center.

Palmer was concerned about how the construction would impact business. Then the city told him about the cash mob--a day dedicated to bringing business to places like his, affected by construction.

We told them that it could really be a problem for our business and they're doing what they can to help us out, said Palmer.

Palmer said he feels like the city listened to his concerns, and came up with something that worked!

It was the busiest day of the year for us, as far as drive-ins and phone calls and services, so it was great, he said.

The city said Bruneel Tire Factory also reported great business from the cash mob.

Between the construction and confusion and congestion, there's still more businesses that could use a hand.

We always get a little nervous with construction, said Cameron Crooks, a supervisor at Kahootz Steak and Alehouse.

Crooks said their regulars are helping keep their restaurant full. However, they wish there were more people coming in for lunch.

I'm affected when I come to works, said Crooks. It's 20 minutes waiting through that light and so I would imagine a lot of people who are on their lunch break are thinking, '20 minutes to get to the restaurant, 20 minutes to get back,' and they just don't have enough time. And that's 20 minutes in addition to what they were already driving.

After the success of the first cash mob, the City of Meridian and the Meridian Chamber of Commerce are organizing a second. This one will focus on restaurants: Corona Village, Main Street Burger, Chicago Connection, Subway, Johnny's Pizza, Vina Vietnamese, Taste of Chicago, and Kahootz.

I think that we're pleased with the efforts, whether or not it will help, we're just not sure, but it's nice to know that they're making an effort, said Crooks.

The restaurant cash mob will be on Wednesday, April 3rd.

The Ada County Highway District and the City of Meridian are anticipating the Split Corridor Project to be finished by the end of October.

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