BOISE-- An Idaho sixth grader with a safety-minded idea has won top honors at this year's Invent Idaho contest.

Trevor Glander attends 6th Grade at the North Idaho STEM Charter Academy in Rathdrum. He and other winning young inventors showed off their projects at the Idaho Statehouse yesterday.

Glander's project is a Railroad Crossing Vehicle Alert System. He came up with it after someone died at a railroad crossing near his house.

The train will send a signal to all of the cars in a certain area of the crossing, as I have in my little display here, and it'll alarm the driver in their dashboard with a light and in their surround sound, Glander said.

Because Trevor won best in show, one of his prizes was a free patent search to try to get his project moving ahead.

Other projects on display included a toe protector, a chicken feather vest and an outdoor clothing dryer.

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