Woodland Park Zoo is celebrating the births of three Jaguar cubs born March 22, 2013 to parents Junior and Nayla.

The mother, 7-year-old Nayla, gave birth after a gestation period of about 96 days. It is the first offspring for Nayla and the 14-year-old father, Junior.

Jaguars are born with their eyes closed and they open after about two weeks. The cubs weigh about 25 to 29 ounces at birth and are highly dependent on their mother for survival. They typically nurse until they are 5 to 6 months old.

The mom and cubs are off public exhibit in a maternity den to allow the new family to bond in a quiet, comfortable environment. Animal management staff is closely monitoring the litter through a web cam to ensure the mom is providing good care and the cubs are nursing sufficiently.

The cubs and the mother will remain off view for at least a few months until they are coordinated enough to navigate the outdoor exhibit.

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