BOISE -- A west Boise neighborhood has been hit by car vandals and now residents are on alert.

Debbie Fuller said she and her husband woke up at 2 a.m. Sunday to get started on their newspaper route.

Stan, my husband found that this window and this window were broken out with rocks, said Fuller.

She lives on Emily Avenue just off Maple Grove Road and tells KTVB her van, which was parked in the driveway of her home had a side window and back window broken out.

Early Sunday morning Fuller said she noticed another vehicle nearby, also had broken windows.

We noticed that our neighbor was vandalized also, said Fuller.

It was around that same time, Sunday morning that Callie King s doorbell rang. Her car windows had been vandalized too.

We were advised then that there had been a string of vandalism that six days prior they had actually arrested some people for vandalism in Boise on cars, said King.

Last week, Boise Police officers arrested two men suspected of vandalizing dozens of cars and trucks all over Ada County in the month of March.

21 year old Devon Anderson of Boise and 20 year old Tyler Bartlet of Nampa were taken into custody for smashing the windows of nearly 90 cars with sling shots. The damage totaled over $30,000 for area residents.

Many including King thought the case was closed.

They had two people in custody and they thought maybe this spree was over, said King.

Now this latest spree of car vandalism will end up costing residents even more.

We have to pay to replace these windows in our vehicles and that is not something just every insurance is going to cover, if you only have liability, said King.

So now, victims in the Maple Grove and Franklin area are asking their neighbors to keep their eyes peeled for strange activity, hoping it could lead to an arrest tip.

If you believe you have been a victim in any of these car vandalism cases this month in March, you can call the Boise Police Department.

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