BOISE -- The Idaho Senate had somber business Friday.

We are all touched with the loss of life, said Republican Sen. Bart Davis of Idaho Falls.

Senators passed a resolution honoring five Idaho soldiers killed in Afghanistan in the past year. As their families looked on, senators representing their home towns talked about these soldiers' histories, read letters from their parents, and told how they laid down their lives for their country.

Republican Sen. Jim Patrick of Twin Falls honored Staff Sergeant Daniel Brown. Daniel was an outstanding soldier, but he was also a husband, a father, a son, a brother, and a friend of many.

Sandpoint Republican Sen. Shawn Keough honored Specialist Ethan Martin. He was loved by everyone who knew him and had a special talent for touching the lives of everybody around him.

Republican Sen. Dean Cameron of Rupert honored Sergeant Chris Workman. Cameron became emotional when reading a letter from Chris's mother. You gave us many memories and I have often found myself drifting back. Then, he couldn't finish.

Montpelier Republican Sen. John Tippetts honored PFC Cody Moosman. May God bless you for the sacrifice you made.

Gov. Butch Otter honored PFC Shane Wilson and all the soldiers. Your child was and remains so very loved and cherished.

Rules of the Senate were stretched to allow the governor to address the body and the grieving parents. Thank you for providing the loving support and affirmation that helped to make them the kind of people who were willing to place themselves in harm's way, on behalf of their community, their country, and their fellow man.

But, the governor admitted that no thanks is adequate for what they and their sons gave.

It's been a hurtful year, said John Workman, father of Sergeant Chris Workman.

The families were emotional and appreciative of the honor given to their fallen heroes.

We really weren't looking for a hero but we ended up getting one, said Anna Workman, mother of Chris Workman.

Earlier this week, a chopper went down in Afghanistan, killing five U.S. service people, similar to the way Sgt. Workman died last year. The Workmans say they're praying for those five families and will reach out to them to offer their condolences.

The Workmans also say they are trying to create a memorial scholarship in honor of their son, which would help educate Idaho soldiers.

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