BOISE When the Boise State Men's Basketball Team received a bid to the NCAA tournament Sunday, the resulting shockwave echoed throughout the Treasure Valley.

Phones were ringing off the hook at Harmon Travel in Boise as eager Broncos fans hoped to secure a seat at the next big BSU game -- a basketball game.

It s good to see basketball take the prominent role, said owner, Bob Harmon.

Harmon tells KTVB his travel agency partners with Boise State University to get fans tickets and accommodations to school events.

BSU hoops haven t been to the 'big dance' for awhile, so Harmon said things were touch and go on Sunday.

So we will see with only a couple of day s notice how many people can really run and jump that quickly, said Harmon.

Harmon said his office was busy answering calls and figuring out the travel packages Sunday. He says flights most likely will leave Boise early Wednesday morning, with a price tag of around $500.

Other travel agencies were also running full steam.

We can get game tickets, airline tickets and hotel -- if they want to go, we can get them there, promised Evelyn Loveless, owner of Global Travel in Boise.

On Sunday, the Broncos learned their opponent in the first round of the tournament would be the La Salle Explorers. That means Boise State and La Salle will play in Dayton, Ohio, on Wednesday evening.

I mean La Salle is not favored or anything, but I like the play-in game factor, said Boise State fan and alumnus Kelly Coles. I think it's neat.

Coles was spotted at Buster s on Broadway Sunday afternoon celebrating Boise State's entry in the tournament.

It s great, BSU basketball is back, said Coles.

Coles said unfortunately, he would not be making the trip to Dayton for the game, and so did Boise State senior Erica Coats, because of school.

Still, Coats told KTVB she was so excited to see the team make it this far.

I am a diehard, so it's just -- it's awesome. So I am really excited for them, she said.

For those fans who won't be going to Dayton, the BSU-La Salle game will air Wednesday on truTV.

Tip off is at 7:10 p.m. MT.

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