BOISE -- One lane of eastbound Interstate 84 in Boise was closed for nearly two hours Wednesday afternoon after a semi truck began leaking diesel fuel.

The truck was pulled over on the right shoulder of I-84 between the Cole Road and Orchard Street exits.

Boise Fire Department officials tell us that something came loose beneath the truck and fuel began spilling onto the highway. Luckily, an ITD response vehicle was nearby and able to contain the spill with a liner that looks like a kid's swimming pool.

An estimated 100 gallons of fuel has leaked from the truck, with about 20 gallons or less spilling on the road. Crews used a sand-like substance to absorb the fuel on the road.

Another truck was been called to the scene so crews could pump the fuel from the liner to that truck.

The scene was cleared around 5:15 p.m.

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