DONNELLY, Idaho -- People see your work effort and ethic, and if they see that, it can really go a long ways, says this week's Distinguished Student Award winner Cesar Montes. So, work hard and stay humble.

That philosophy has proven to be a successful one for Montes. He has solid grades at Mccall - Donnelly High School and is president of National Honor Society.

I always like when my little brother and my little sister looked up to me. So then I decided that why just be a role model in the household when you can be a role model in the school and the community, Montes said.

As part of that, Cesar organizes tutors for students who need a little help.

Kids struggle, and a lot of times, nowadays, parents have two jobs, etc., and they can't put all that much attention into their kids, so they don't have the advantages that other students do, said Montes.

Cesar is also a leader in sports -- a 6-time Varsity captain. In fact, he was one of, if not the first, McCall Donnelly soccer player to be named captain as a junior.

It was just exciting to know that the coaches put that trust in me as a leader, Montes said.

In football, he's also a first-team all-state kicker.

I've been first team all-conference soccer, but I've never been all-state in any sport, and as soon as I saw that I was ecstatic. It was a really great moment in my life, Montes said.

But the biggest first for Cesar is something really special to him and his parents.

It's one of those stories where none of your family went to college and you can be the first one to excel, Montes said. So I really use that as a motivation.

He ultimately hopes to be a defense attorney.

In my mind, what runs through it is that you made it this far, you put in all the work, so just keep it up and you'll be successful, Montes said.

There's that work hard and stay humble philosophy again. Well, it's worked so far. Cesar Montes... the winner of this week's DSA.

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