ADA COUNTY -- A measure is before Idaho s lawmakers to make ballots more secure.

Tuesday morning, Phil McGrane with Ada County Elections presented members of the House State Affairs Committee with legislation that would essentially change the way a ballot is made official.

McGrane said the proposed measure; House Bill 215 could do away with human error.

This is one of those areas where we are trying to improve the elections process by taking out the technical stuff where we can screw up, said McGrane.

He tells KTVB, the system in Idaho requires poll workers to rubber stamp every ballot--to make it official. However sometimes, not every ballot is stamped because either the poll worker forgets or they use a stamp meant for something else.

Instead, the practice of stamping each ballot would be replaced with ballots that already have a watermark.

McGrane said that way, poll workers can focus things that are more important. He also says, they don t want to invalidate someone's vote because of a human error.

We are checking ID, making sure we are getting the ballots voted and into the ballot box and making sure all the stuff that really counts, counts, he said.

A watermark on the ballot means someone could not photocopy a ballot and the machine would stop counting and identify the ballot as counterfeit.

Tuesday s proposal passed unanimously in committee and will now head to the House floor.

McGrane said Ada County has never had a problem with someone trying to stuff a ballot box or submit a counterfeit ballot.

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