BOISE Fire crews were busy responding to brush fires around the Treasure Valley Sunday.

Nick Yturri with the Boise district of the Bureau of Land Management said a flare-up of grass fires is unusual for this time of year.

He says it's a concern for fire crews because the 2012 fire season was very active.

Yturri said last year, firefighters were dealing with dead and dry fuels and those conditions have not gone away.

He also tells KTVB the new, green vegetation has not grown in yet.

On Friday, the BLM responded to a 200 acre fire near Blacks Creek Road. Yturri said there have been a total of three major fires this week.

The normal fire season doesn t really hold true anymore, he said. We had a five hundred acre fire in December, this fire the other day, a couple hundred acres in early March so we just urge everybody to use caution with whatever they are doing.

Temperatures in the coming week could reach close to 70 degrees, so Yturri also reminds those out recreating on Idaho lands to be careful.

Another reason this flare up of fires are a problem -- the BLM is not at full staff. Yturri says fire crews don t usually come on fulltime until later in the spring and early summer.

The dry conditions could improve if the valley gets some springtime moisture.

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