BOISE -- Skiers and snowboarders are no doubt thrilled about the prospect of some good snow, and it couldn't come at a better time: On the weekend.

Bogus Basin managers say this predicted storm is likely to be the biggest of the season. They opened with 14 inches, but that came down over two or three days.

Other than that, Bogus says the most snow at once has been around 6 inches, so this weekend could see the season record breaker.

Bogus Basin administrators are gearing up to keep the runs clean and say it's looking good for plenty of fresh powder for good Saturday skiing tomorrow.

If the snow comes at the speed we think it's going to come at, which is maybe as much as two inches an hour, it's hard to keep everything groomed at that rate. But we've got all our snow plows, all our groomers, everything is going to be going all the time, Alan Moore, Bogus Basin General Manager, said.

Many skiers and boarders on Friday afternoon planned to come back up throughout the weekend.

We came up here from Idaho Falls for the whole weekend. Heard all about it. We don't have much over there, so we're here, Jason McNiel, skier, said. I heard there was going to be a bunch of powder, so we're over here for the powder.

Bogus Basin says this winter storm is coming at a perfect time because their season pass sale goes through Sunday. This afternoon, managers say they were extremely busy with people wanting the deal -- and signing up for a good couple days of snow this weekend.

Bogus is planning on keeping crews overnight to make sure everything's ready for skiers and boarders. The lifts open at 9 a.m. Saturday, when it's likely snow will still be falling up there.

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