BOISE -- Two Boise men are in the Ada County Jail charged accused of beating a 25-year-old man, stealing his clothes and robbing him.

Eagle Police and Ada County Sheriff s deputies were called to a fire station in Eagle around 7 p.m. Thursday after a naked and injured man told authorities he had been beaten up and robbed near the Eagle Skate Park.

The man was transported to Saint Alphonsus in Eagle for treatment of his injuries. He was released later in the evening.

Detectives were able to quickly identify two suspects, Patrick C. Brown, 27, and Kenneth Bowers, 32, both of Boise. They determined that Bowers and the victim had been at a party on Taft Street in Boise earlier that evening. Bowers contacted Brown and he came to the party. The two men claim the victim owed their friend money.

Investigators say another adult male and female, along with Bowers and Brown, demanded repayment. The victim told them he did not have the full amount. The four then told the victim he was going for a drive with them. They drove to a parking lot on East Greenbrook Street in Eagle.

It was there that police say Bowers, Brown and the other male forced the victim out of the car and began hitting him with brass knuckles and closed fists. One of the men is said to have hit the victim more than a dozen times with a baseball bat, including blows to the head.

Afterwards, they demanded he remove all his clothes. The suspects took the clothes and a backpack containing nearly $500 in cash and left.

After putting out an alert to other law enforcement in the area, a Boise patrol officer spotted the suspects at a gas station at the corner of Liberty Street and Fairview Avenue.

Bowers and Brown were arrested and taken to the Ada County Jail.

Bowers is charged with aggravated battery, robbery and destruction/alteration of evidence.

Brown is charged with aggravated battery and robbery.

They were arraigned on the charges in Ada Count court Friday. Bowers bond was set at $250,000, while a judge set bond for Brown at $50,000.

Detectives say the have located the other two people believed to be involved. The investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are pending.

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