BOISE -- The Davis Cup coming to Boise means, big athletes, fans and lots of business.

The U.S. men's tennis team will compete against Serbia April 5th through 7th at Taco Bell Arena.

Following Wednesday's official announcement, KTVB has learned that some of the athletes will be staying at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise.

We will have athletes; we can't really tell you who's coming yet. We did just get notification though that the number one Serbian players coming to Boise, so that's exciting. I know everyone was wondering if he'd be coming to play in the tournament, so we're thrilled, said Liane Eastman with the Grove Hotel.

With big names like Novak Djokovic, you can expect a big crowd at not only at the matches, but a buzzing community as well.

The economic impact is going to be just incredible. We're going to see upwards of $3 million, just over those three days of having the Davis Cup here, said Eastman.

Organizers say aside from the economic impact, this event will also put Boise on the worldwide map

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