BOISE -- The discussion about what to do to reform Idaho's education system is still a topic drawing hundreds to the Statehouse.

Today was another day of stakeholder testimony to the Senate and House -- people wanting their voices heard before any legislation passes.

This was the second so-called listening session. The last listening session was held in the morning, something criticized because teachers and working parents couldn't come.

Today, the late afternoon meeting drew more than 150 people who signed up to comment to the House and Senate education committees.

Some themes remain consistent with the last hearing - like charter school concerns.

We also heard a lot from rural districts who want to make sure any legislation would equally benefit small schools around the state. Mostly though, the biggest sentiment is keeping stakeholders involved in the process.

Because this is a listening session, no formal decisions will come from this and the committees did not ask any questions.

It remains to be seen just what form this testimony will take and how the committees will use it.

With so many opinions likely still out there, the committee chairmen say those who didn't get a chance to speak this afternoon can submit written comments that will be distributed to all members.

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