BOISE -- A new flight out of Boise is a big deal for vacationers, and the whole community.

An excited group of passengers boarded an Allegiant Air Boeing 757 on Sunday, as the airline celebrated its first non-stop flight from Boise to Honolulu.

We had a lot of vacationers very excited to head to Hawaii this morning, said Jessica Wheeler, with Allegiant Travel.

Passengers were sent off with treats, balloons, and hula dancers. One man we talked to only had one request: Don't bring me home.

Wheeler says the Airline has had great success with their new non-stop flight to Las Vegas, and wanted to fill another need for Boise travelers.

I think having the nonstop service is really a great amenity, said Boise Airport director, Rebecca Hupp.

It's great for an airport that's seen passengers and flights decrease, like many airports across the country. But, Hupp says Allegiant is bucking a trend. Airlines are not expanding, as a rule. I think the exception to that rule is Allegiant. They are expanding, they are growing. And the fact that they chose to put their resources in our community, I think, speaks to the opporunity that they see here. And, we hope that other airlines will see an opportunity to grow in Boise.

That's a hope shared by business leaders in the community, since non-stop flights to major cities can be deciding factors on whether some businesses expand or locate to the area.

We need to keep our focus on developing more non-stop routes to hubs, and increasing frequencies and capacities, said Hupp. But really, what will drive that, are passengers. If passengers are using more service, airlines will add more service.

The non-stop flight from Boise to Hawaii takes off every Sunday morning and returns Saturday night. Wheeler says the airline also just introduced a new non-stop flight from Spokane to Honolulu.

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