NAMPA -- Nathan Babbit is a huge George Strait fan. So huge, in fact, his mother Shelley knew that taking him to a George Strait concert would be an amazing journey. She made it happen through Facebook.

Yo seen, Nathan has autism, and Shelley says music is one of the most important parts of his life.

When she got news of Strait's latest concert in Nampa, Shelley decided she just had to find a way to get Nathan and George to meet.

Everytime we saw something with George Strait, we had to buy it, play it, watch it, said Shelley.

At the Babbit house in Nampa, Country music star George Strait is everywhere.

They say autism spectrum people -- they have something they like very well -- Nathan has always loved music, Shelley explains. Everytime he would see George Strait or hear him come on the radio, he'd say 'George Strait!' 'George Strait!' 'George Strait', that's right!

Almost a year ago, Shelley decided to create a Facebook page called Getting Strait for Nathan , a push to find a way for Nathan to meet his hero.

A lot of people said, 'could you have picked a bigger star?' Shelley said. I thought 'okay, how will I ever get this to happen?' I thought it probably wouldn't, but I never would give up.

Months passed with no progress, but their fans on Facebook grew. Then in September, the big announcement came. George Strait was coming to Idaho in January.

I screamed! Shelley said. I was like 'if this is ever a chance, this is going to be my chance.' I've been writing letters pleading for this to happen, to allow a boy's dream to come true.

However, Shelley got no response to those letters, so she decided to call George Strait's management company.

However, Shelley got word that Strait wasn't doing any fan meet and greets. She was losing hope. Then a last minute surprise came.

Four days before the concert, I get a phone call in the morning, Shelley explained. I answered and she said 'your son has been approved to meet George Strait!' I cried, I screamed, I was just having so many emotions! I told her you will never know how much this is going to impact our life, Shelley said. Somehow George Strait got the story! He did!

Nathan couldn't believe it as well.

Instantly, he was like 'Concert, concert! Shelley said.

Finally, it was time to go to the Idaho Center. Nathan and Shelly spent a lot of time in the V.I.P. tent. Then it was time to meet George Strait.

They put us first in line, so he was the first person to see George when he came out, Shelley said.

Then George came out.

You could tell that Nathan knew exactly who he was the moment he saw him, Shelley said.

It was a dream come true. A night Nathan will never forget.

It was magical, Shelley said.

Shelley still doesn't know how it happened, or who helped her convince George Strait. Was it the Facebook page? Was it help from our local country radio stations? No matter how it happened, this mom couldn't be more grateful.

Thankfully I will have this memory forever, she says, adding He will always remember it.

For Shelley, nothing is better than seeing her son so happy.

Click on the video link above to see Maggie O'Mara's story -- Getting Strait for Nathan.

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