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BOISE -- A freon leak and flooded electrical equipment caused big problems in downtown Boise Friday afternoon.

The two issues happened in separate buildings but right around the same time.

A mechanical failure in the building'sHVAC system caused a freon leak in the basement of the St. Luke's Medical Billing Office at 1st and Bannock streets shortly after noon.

Firefighters and a haz-mat team spent the afternoon working to remove the gas.

Over 60 children from a daycare, five patients and all the staff in the building went to another location during the incident. Boise Fire reports that the kids were happy watching a movie as their parents were contacted.

Also around noon, down the street at 6th and Bannock streets, melting snow flooded an underground vault filled with electrical equipment.

Both the Givens Pursley Law office and the Old Spaghetti Factory were evacuated for a short time.

Idaho Power also shut down electricity to the surrounding block while firefighters dealt with the mess.

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