BOISE -- Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer of California and Idaho Republican Senator, Mike Crapo are reaching across the aisle to co-sponsor a bill inspired by the story of an boy raised in McCall.

Senate Bill 50, also known as Trevor's Law, is a disease cluster bill that will help communities determine whether there is a connection between clusters of cancer, birth defects and other diseases, and contaminants in the surrounding environment.

When he was 13, Trevor was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. The same year, there were four other cases of childhood cancer in the same area.

After that point everything that filled my head had to do with death, and whether or not I was going to live to see another day. And I don't want any other child to have to experience what I experienced, said Trevor Schaefer.

Trevor's Law was introduced last session. In March of 2011 Trevor testified on the bill with renown cancer activist Erin Brockovich. But it didn't make it to the full senate floor for a vote before the end of the year.

Today Senator Boxer re-introduced the legislation. But this time, there is a companion bill which focuses on giving technical assistance to communities with suspected disease clusters.

Trevor and his mom maintain that his cancer was caused from a Valley County cancer cluster, although the state epidemiologist says the cancer numbers in Valley county at the time were no different than other counties in the state.

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