BOISE -- In the aftermath of a serious sledding accident near Simplot Hill, Boise city leaders are taking steps to prevent more children from sliding into the street.

Just last Saturday, a boy skidded into the street and was struck and injured by a passing car.

Adam Park, Spokesman for the Boise Mayor's Office, says cars parked at the bottom of the hill likely made it difficult for the driver to see the young boy.

Park says the City of Boise is now taking action, and has placed several No Parking signs at the bottom of the hill.

The temporary signs will be replaced with permanent signs in the Spring.

But that only solves part of the problem, Park said. We also want to find a solution that will prevent the sledders from making their way into the roadway, because that's obviously not a good thing; it's not safe, and we really just want to make sure that whoever is participating in that activity up there is as safe as possible.

Park also says the city is working with the property owner to find ways to make sledding safer.

At this time though, there has been no push by the property owner to ban sledders on the hill.

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