CALDWELL -- After deliberating for nearly two hours Thursday, a grand jury found former Canyon County Prosecutor John T. Bujak not guilty in an estate theft case.

Bujak was originally charged with unauthorized control or transfer of property with intent of depriving the owner.

The allegations came from before Bujak's 2008 election and tenure as Canyon County Prosecutor.

According to the charges, Bujak was accused of exercising unauthorized control over multiple checks worth more than $1,000 that were the property of an estate.

The beleaguered former prosecutor acted as his own attorney throughout the trial.

He'll be in court again soon.

Bujak faces other charges connected with the alleged theft of more than $200,00 from the city of Nampa as part of a contract for prosecuting misdemeanors for that city.

Bujak's next trial is scheduled to begin on March 11th.

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