VALLEY COUNTY -- A sheep that spent at least two weeks trapped in a snow drift before being rescued by the Tamarack Resort ski patrol has died, according to the man who has been caring for the sheep since its rescue on Sunday.

The ski patrol was called out after a family doing some back country skiing found the sheep buried up to its head in snow.

We were skiing in the trees and I came around a tree and looked to my left and for whatever reason I looked right at him. It was just literally his head sticking out of the snow, said Chris Simboli.

Cold, lethargic, and severely dehydrated, the family fed the sheep the only thing they had on them -- a granola bar.

The sheep, nicknamed Tamarack, was dug out and lifted onto a toboggan by rescuers. It took the ski patrollers more than an hour-and-a-half to ski out.

Lee O'Dell, who is known in Valley County for raising sheep, received a call from the Donnelly Fire Department to help care for the sheep. O'Dell says he hand-fed the sheep in an attempt to nurse her back to health.

However, he was concerned because she had not stood on her own yet.

Then early Saturday morning, Tamarack passed away in her sleep. While she appeared to be improving, O'Dell says sheep in poor health often improve and then take a sudden turn for the worse.

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