IDAHO CITY -- The Idaho City hot springs could draw twice as many people as the town's population when it opens in February.

The historic attraction was a once a popular getaway for folks coming from the Treasure Valley.

Of course that was a huge economic boom for Idaho City as well. And it's good that we're opening because it's a really important economic boost for the area, said part-owner Wyatt Sharpley.

The totally-rebuilt hot springs is set to reopen on February 14th. Folks in Idaho City are eager for opening day.

When are you going to open? When are you going to open? When are you going to open? That's all I hear from folks in town, Sharpley said.

Sharpley said the hot springs brought a lot of people to town, and a lot of business for local shops and restaurants.

I've often said that Idaho City without the hot springs resort was like Detroit without GM, he said.

Sharpley told KTVB it's been a big undertaking to reopen. They ended up having to tear down the old building, and have added several new features, like a hot tub and steam room. But they're redoing it all with the locals in mind.

Everything here was done with local labor, and local supplies and products we sourced locally. The entire construction crew lives not just in the county, but in Idaho City, Sharpley said. I think it's great that this building has actually, even before it has opened, given a lot of economic activity and a boost to Idaho City.

The hot springs opens Feb. 14.

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