NOTUS, Idaho -- Deputies say a 25-year-old Notus man admitted to wearing plastic bags over his shoes to conceal his footprints in what they say is a violent case of attempted rape.

Canyon County sheriff's deputies say 25-year-old Cayetano Duarte knocked on the victim's door just before 1 a.m. Friday, using a deep voice and pretending to be her boyfriend.

They say Duarte, who is known to her, then forced the door open and entered the woman's house where he verbally threatened her, ripped her shirt, pulled her hair, and forced her to the floor, holding her against her will.

At some point, the woman escaped Duarte and was able to talk him out of raping her, according to a sheriff's department arrest report.

Deputies say the woman was able to use her cell phone to text message a friend, who arrived just as Duarte was trying to force the woman to walk to his home.

They say the victim was also able to take a picture of Duarte with her cell phone.

Deputies say a police dog was later able to track the 25-year-old suspect to a nearby residence where they found clothes that matched the victim's cell phone picture, along with the plastic bags he allegedly wore over his shoes.

They say when questioned, Duarte admitted to wearing bags on his feet because he wanted to avoid being tracked after he went to the woman's house.

Duarte is currently in the Canyon County Jail on felony attempted rape, kidnapping, burglary, and battery charges.

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