BOISE -- As a result of the Connecticut tragedy, a Boise mother is making a plea for change.

She says she fears her own teenage son, who suffers from mental health issues, could be capable of violence.

Now, she's asking for better mental health services for those who may need it most.

Her blog is called The Anarchist Soccer Mom. The entry titled I Am Adam Lanza's Mother traveled quickly across the country and is gaining lots of attention.

KTVB is choosing not to identify the woman or her son.

In her blog, she says she worries that someday the suspect of a mass murder could be her child. He's 13 years old. I love my son, but he terrifies me.

The story appeared Monday morning on NBC's Today Show.

The woman talks about her 13-year-old son's diagnoses, including ADHD and intermittent explosive disorder.

She says he has acted out violently in the past and has even threatened to kill her.

She says when she heard the horrific news out of Connecticut on Friday, she couldn't help but fear for her own son. I closed the door to my office and started to shiver, every time I hear about a mass shooting, I think about my son, and wonder if someday I'll be that mom.

The Today Show did talk with the woman's ex-husband. He confirmed to them that his son does suffer from a mental health issue, but he wanted to stress that not all people with mental illness will commit murder.

We will have more on this story and the latest developments on the Connecticut shooting coming up the News at Five and Six.

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