ANCHORAGE, Alaska A serial killer who died in his jail cell after confessing to the murder of an Alaska barista and multiple other people across the country may have started his crime spree in Oregon, investigators said.

Israel Keyes died in his jail cell after slashing one of his wrists and using bedding material to strangle himself, Alaska State Troopers said Wednesday as tips came in on other possible victims.

Before he died, investigators said Keyes admitted raping a teenaged girl in Oregon sometime between 1996 and 1998. He said he intended to kill her, but didn't.

He sexually assaulted a girl that he described as being between 14 and 16 years old, we have not identified that victim, said FBI special agent Jolene Goeden.

After that initial attack in Oregon, investigators believe Keyes went on to commit a string of crimes spanning more than a decade that included kidnappings and murders.

In March of 2012, his crime spree came to an end after Keyes was arrested for the murder of a barista in Anchorage, Alaska. The FBI found her body dumped in a frozen lake.

In the months that followed, Keyes spoke with investigators and confessed to at least eight murders, including four in Washington state. It wasn t clear if the victims were residents or people vacationing in the Northwest.

Police still don't where they were killed or all of their identities. After Keyes committed suicide in his jail cell, investigators were left with a mountain of unanswered questions.

The FBI recently released video leasing video of Keyes explaining how he looked for victims, hoping it may lead to breaks in the investigations.

I would let them come to me, in a remote area, Keyes said in part of the video. If you go to a remote area, not anywhere you'd live, but other people go to as well.

It was not clear whether Keyes ever lived in Oregon but he was known to travel extensively.

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