BOISE -- House Assistant Majority Leader Scott Bedke of Oakley aims to unseat House Speaker Lawerence Denney of Midvale in a battle for control of the House's dominant Republican faction.

The vote is set for Wednesday at a closed-door Republican dinner at a Boise country club.

Denney has held the top House spot for six years.

But Bedke says several well-publicized disputes with Denney at their center make that long enough.

Among other things, Bedke was critical of Denney's efforts last January to oust GOP members of Idaho's redistricting committee, as well as Denney's financial support of efforts to oust incumbent Republicans in May 15's primary.

Three additional House GOP posts and three Senate leadership jobs are also at stake.

The Senate meets at a separate dinner at Boise's Owyhee Plaza Hotel.

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