BOISE -- More and more people in the Treasure Valley are seeking shelter as the temperatures drop. That means an influx of people at the local rescue mission.

The Director of The River of Life men's shelter tells us it's seeing an increase in people needing a warm place to stay. Nearly every bed at the River of Life was full Wednesday night.

In each bed is a person who would otherwise be homeless. Each of them is grateful to be inside, shielded from the freezing weather.

It was getting cold and being on the street this time of year is not my idea of where I want to spend the winter, says Patrick Sullivan. He started staying at the mission about a month ago, when the weather started getting worse. It's very easy to fall into if you're not careful, bad decisions made are what brought me here.

When the temperatures fell, he was grateful to fall into this facility. With this place here, a roof over my head, warm food, warm bed, relatively safe environment, I can get my life back on track.

Boise Rescue Mission Director Rev. Bill Roscoe says they see the increase every year around this time, and do everything they can to give what's needed to those who need it. We do our best to be prepared, every now and then we get surprised, but this year has been predictable and we've been able to handle the number of people coming to us here and in our other shelters as well.

This week, this kitchen is serving up more than 600 hot meals a day. They also provide warm clothing for those who need it during the day.

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