Oz Blog: The Epic Finale

Oh what a strange trip it s been; so many shows watched, foods consumed, supplements taken, exercises done, onions eaten (it was actually just one onion, but that was plenty). Now, it s the final entry of the Oz Blog. First, take a look back at some of the highlights, lowlights, and weirdlights in the touching video above.

Wow, it seems like just last week I was still doing all that stuff... because, it was. The main focus going into the blog was practicality. Is it practical to do EVERYTHING Dr. Oz recommends? No. Is it practical, and furthermore advisable to pick out a tip or two from each week that might help your own particular health concerns? Yes! As I said in the beginning, Dr. Oz is an expert, and this stuff works. What DOESN T work is doing everything. That s just ridiculous, but often times entertaining!

I gave you my results in the previous Oz Blog. I don t want to overstate it, but they were the most IMPRESSIVE results of any reporter doing a Dr. Oz Show-related blog for an Idaho media company this fall... and I dare anyone to challenge me on that.

But now the big question is, since I don t HAVE TO keep doing/eating/taking all this stuff, what will I keep doing/eating/taking? If I were to keep doing ALL of it, it would cost me $273 a month! Aunt Kay T. VeeBee was more than happy to cover the costs for one month, but she s not made of money (she s also an imaginary character created to represent KTVB).

Besides cost, I m also considering the effectiveness of the Oz tips. I think everything worked a little bit, and added up to big results. So, I m going to keep doing the stuff that s the cheapest, and works the best for my situation. Also, while I will TRY to do things at the same time every day, I ve learned there s NO way I can schedule my day to the minute like some Oz experts recommended.

First thing in the morning, I ll take care of my personal business (it s not like I could STOP doing this, anyway) and weigh myself. Then, I ll lift weights and do the Tony Horton 10-minute workout. I had four different workouts to choose from, and went with Horton s because he looks the most ripped. I ll have a breakfast smoothie (not a Kitchen Sink Smoothie, because as I continued to prove, they re nasty). In that smoothie, I ll put fruits, veggies, and Greek yogurt. My wife will handle the smoothie recipe, because if I ve learned one thing throughout this ordeal (along with others who tasted my Kitchen Sink Smoothie), it s that if you give me a blender and a lot of fresh healthy ingredients, I ll create something that tastes like aquarium sludge. I ll take a multivitamin (they re cheap and recommended by my doctor). Also, I ll make sure to get 7-8 hours of sleep a night. And... that s it!

But, Justin, you might ask. Won t you balloon back into the Michelin Man, by dropping this program?

My theory is, of course, no. Oz says everyday fruits and vegetables (if kale is considered everyday) have a lot of the vitamins/minerals/nutrients that people aren t getting enough of. So, I ll eat a lot more of those. Exercising will help my metabolism and energy, and help to boost my natural production of HGH. Also, I ve come to realize, the more I exercise, the more energy I will have to exercise. It s an upward spiral!

Essentially, I ve made the scientific discovery of the century! Eating right and exercising improves your health! When you look past the supplements and little tips, this is Oz s message every day... MOVE MORE AND EAT BETTER.

So, that s it. Thanks for following the blog for the past month. I hope you all enjoyed READING it, much more than I enjoyed DOING it. But I admit, it was fun and beneficial for me too. Tune in next year, when I do another blog about all the health tips from a show on KTVB... The Doctors Blog... I hope I m joking about that.


First thing in the morning - Personal business

Then - Weigh-in

Then - Tony Horton s 10-minute workout and weight lifting

Then - Drink a protein/vegetable/fruit-packed smoothie

At night - Go to bed; get 7-8 hours of sleep


- Much more fruit

- Many more vegetables

- Some Greek yogurt (for protein)


- 1 Daily multivitamin (does a lot of stuff)

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