EAGLE, Idaho -- Elections officials said problems with an unknown number of ballots in Eagle could call the city's controversial bond election into question.

Tuesday, voters in Eagle denied a measure to buy the building that houses City Hall on. The measure received 66.4% of voter support. Officials say 66.67% was needed for the measure to pass with a two-thirds majority.

Phil McGrane, Ada County Elections Clerk, told KTVB the measure failed by 25 votes.

On Election Day, one of the first voters was an Ada County prosecuting attorney who told election officials poll workers at the polling place they were confused as to who should be receiving which ballots. The elections office sent out a district judge to make sure poll workers in Eagle precincts were clear. In fact, they found poll workers at a handful of precincts who were confused as to who should get which ballots.

The reason: voters in the City of Eagle share precincts with voters from unincorporated AdaCounty, Star, Boise, and Meridian.

However, they cannot say what impact this may have had on the bond.

In Idaho, we guarantee the secrecy of a ballot, and so we ensure there's no way to associate anyone's ballot with them. That also means we can't go back and figure out when people voted or how people voted in part of maintaining their secrecy, said McGrane.

TheEagle City Council is scheduled to discuss the bond measure when it meets on November 13th.

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