BOISE --Secretary of State Ben Ysursa says Idaho's education reforms brought almost as many voters to the polls than those who came to elect the President of the United States.

Unofficial totals show 651,661 Idahoans voted for a presidential candidate on Tuesday.

Propositions 1, 2, 3 garnered between 648,000 and 649,000 votes each.


Ysursa says the 2008 presidential election brought 667,506 voters to Idaho's polls.

For 2012, Ysursa predicts a subtle decrease in voter turnout, with only 660,000 voters expected to have cast their ballots.

Political analysts had predicted high voter turnout for the November 2012 General Election, due to the presidential election and education reforms.

Prior to the election, Ysursa had estimated 78 percent of voters would turn out across the state.


Ada County is reporting that 182,650 voters cast their ballot in this election. That's with all 145 precincts now reporting. There are a total of 212,950 registered voters in Ada County.

However, the number of same-day registrations in Ada County hasn't be counted yet.

Secretary of State Ben Ysursa say during the last two presidential elections, Ada County saw about 38,000 voters register the same day . He predicts the number of same day registrations in 2012 will mirror that number.

We'll know everything, but we'll know it by November 21st, which is our final canvass, Ysursa said.


Of the votes recorded, 97,471 -- or 54% -- of Ada County voters cast their presidential ballots forMitt Romney.

Only 77,043, or 43% of Ada County voters chose to vote for President Obama.

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