BOISE -- The east coast superstorm has forced several major airports to shut down along the east coast, including New York's LaGuardia and Kennedy Airports.

Airport officials report few direct problems or cancellations in Boise, but that is at least partially because of no direct flights to those east coast airports.

But, checking on airports Idahoans often connect through, like Seattle and Minneapolis, there are a lot of cancellations to and from Boston, New York, Philadelphia and other airports.

Laura Stegner of Boise is stuck near Philadelphia after traveling around the coast with her husband for the past week. She's reporting heavy wind and rain and major transportation problems there in the air and on the ground. She plans to return to Boise on Sunday.

Now there are no trains running, which is what I generally take into the airport, those are stopped until at least tomorrow night, so here I am, Stegner said. They're just basically shutting everything down because some of the commuter trains and all of that go into tunnels that go underground, so they're just concerned about flooding issues.

In Idaho, airport officials suggest checking flights and signing up for airline email alerts before heading to the airport to fly or pick someone up.

They need to get online for their various airlines and sign up for those things. Those are the fast, easy instantaneous method. Then just pay attention to what the airline is telling them, watch the news in the morning before their flight, and sign on to the website. :45

The airport suggests FlightAware, which can show you cancellations and airport closures by final destination or flight number.

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