NAMPA -- A Canyon County Sheriff's deputy, shot in the line of duty just a few days ago, was out of the hospital Saturday, and back on the sidelines for his son. The deputy, who didn't want his name released, calls himself blessed.

The deputy is a coach, and a very proud dad. But on Tuesday night, all that almost vanished.

When I was lying there the night of the incident, I didn't know if I was going to see him any more, he said.

He was one of two deputies shot Tuesday night. His colleague was shot three times, but was soon released from the hospital. He was shot four times; twice in the arm, once in the vest, and once through his back, with the bullet miraculously missing every vital organ.

We've got a man who took four bullets for his community, and survived it, said Canyon County Sheriff Chris Smith.

[I'm] just blessed, just lucky, the deputy said. Somebody was watching over me, and I can't forget that.

Initially listed in serious condition, just four days later on Saturday, he walked out of Saint Al's in Boise. But he wasn't alone. After being loaded into an RV, officers from Canyon County, Ada County, Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell and Idaho State Police escorted the deputy to Nampa.

I think most of us that are in law enforcement know the brotherhood we have. I think the people that aren't don't really realize it, he said. We're a huge family. We care as much about each other as people possibly can, even those we haven't even met yet.

That extended family of law enforcement helped him get back to where he belongs, at his son's game.

This is a big part of his life, Smith said. He had his mind made up, he was going to come to this game no matter what.

While he wasn't able to coach in this all-star game, he did flip the coin. Most importantly, he saw his son's season finale, while he started a new journey of his own.

I came so close to not being here for this, the deputy said. But being here means the world. It's a whole new life for me, basically.

The deputy said he also got to watch his other son wrestle for the first time Saturday, and took a little time to brag, saying his son made the 'A' team.

Sheriff Smith said the deputy should make a full recovery, even though it will take months. He says that's incredible, considering a nurse first called his arm injury, an orthopedic disaster.

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