BOISE, Idaho -- Plans to build a Trash-to-Energy operation at the Ada County Landfill continues to be a lightning rod issue in West Boise. A special meeting Thursday night with the Planning and Zoning Commission addressed concerns with one of the most controversial issues in Ada County.

Opponents to the Dynamis Project say emissions from the gasification facility could be unhealthy, and that Ada County Commissioners and Dynamis violated the law when entering into their contract.

Dynamis officials say they did nothing wrong, and think this project will benefit the environment by reducing trash.

The Planning and Zoning Commission actually has not had much to do with the Dynamis Project. The county commissioners handled the contract, and Development Services is currently reviewing some of the building permits.

Nevertheless, petitions were given to the P and Z last month, asking for a public hearing on Dynamis. Thursday, they met to decide if they'd have that public hearing.

Commissioners reminded those in attendance that they're a volunteer board, which can only recommend action on the project to the County Commissioners, after the public hearing. However, they decided that enough people care, for them to hold that public hearing.

I do believe that there is a time and a place to let folks come down and testify, and talk about what they are concerned about, or frankly, what they are in favor of, said John Seidl, Chairman of the Board.

That hearing, which is sure to draw a big crowd, is scheduled for November 8th.

Meanwhile, the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality is still considering the air quality permit from Dynamis. If that is approved, then the DEQ will hold a public comment period of their own. However, DEQ says that is still weeks away.

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