BOISE -- Three former dairy workers face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges for what they're accused of doing at the largest dairy in Idaho.

Both the company that shot the video, Mercy for Animals, and the owner of Bettencourt Dairy, agree that the video is sickening and the abuse should not be tolerated.

Back in July and August an undercover employee for the California-based animal rights group shot the video showing workers abusing cattle.

It shows workers at Bettencourt Dairies' Dry Creek facility in Murtaugh hitting the cattle with pink canes and shocking them with cattle prods. Other video shows them twisting tails and jumping on the back of a cow.

What you have just witnessed is merely a glimpse of the ongoing cruelty and violence committed against cows at this dairy facility in Idaho, said Matt Rice.

And that's not even the worst of it, other video show has workers dragging a cow with a tractor by its neck.

Every time we point a camera inside a dairy factory farm we emerge with images that shock and horrify most Americans, which leads us to believe that cruelty and violence are rampant in the dairy industry, said Rice.

Twin Falls County Prosecutor Grant Loebs says rampant is a word that's not accurate, at least in the Magic Valley. In fact, he says they've only had a handful of animal abuse cases over many years, adding there's no indication that this is a widespread issue in the industry.

However, his office conducted their own investigation on this dairy and did find evidence of abuse.

Sharon Bettencourt says she and her husband have run the dairy for 30 years and they've never found abuse before.

This is just not tolerated and it's not how we run our operation. These cows are our livelihood, said Bettencourt.

Loebs says there is no indication that the Bettencourts knew anything about the abuse. They've now set up cameras and hired someone to monitor the milking process.

We run clean facilities and we take care of our animals. We love our animals. Like I said, it's our livelihood, said Sharon Bettencourt.

The Twin Falls Prosecuting Attorney's Office conducted their own investigation once they saw the video, which resulted in three people facing misdemeanor charges.

Jesus Garza, Jose Acensio and Javier Loayza face misdemeanor animal cruelty charges. Officers arrested Garza, but are still looking for Acensio and Loayza, who have warrants out for their arrest.

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