BOISE -- It's been a wild 10 days for the vocally-gifted Natalie Nathan from Boise.

The amateur songstress learned that the hit band Train was looking for a local duet singer -- but she only learned it a day before the band performed in Boise two weeks ago.

She decided to go for it, and enter an online contest to be that singer.

The night before Train's concert at Boise State, Nathan asked her friend and musician Alex Street to learn the song bruises from Train's newest album.

They stayed up well into the morning hours, and sent a video they made to the band. Much to her surprise, the next day Nathan found that she was picked for an on-stage duet -- just four hours before the show.

She says the feeling she got after being picked was hard to explain.

...It was just one of those -- this isnt real -- he didnt pick me, happy, anxious, crying, super nervous... Oh, no, I'm gonna forget the lyrics! Nathan said.

She eventually went on to perform Bruises with Train lead singer Patrick Monahan onstage -- in front of hundreds of people.

Nathan says she couldn't see anyone in the audience because of the bright lights at the BSU stage. However, her accompanist, Alex Street was there, and shot the video we've posted above.

Alex Street also got a shout-out from Monahan, who reportedly said ...Hey, you were the guy in the video...You've got a great voice man!

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