BOISE -- The nationally syndicated radio show, Science Friday will broadcast live from the Simplot Ballroom at Boise State beginning at Noon on Friday.

Science Friday is about bringing science to life, according to host Ira Flatow. What's more, Flatow says Friday's show will include science topics with a distinctly Idaho bent.

Flatow gets excited about science. On Thursday, when he talked about what he has in store for his live broadcast, it brought a smile to his face. People want to talk about science, we just have to give them an outlet to talk about it, and we give them that outlet and they love to talk about it, said Flatow.

Flatow's two hour national weekly talk show airs on Boise State Public Radio and puts listeners in touch with real scientists. Says Flatow, Listeners actually are able to interview scientists. They're able to interview news makers that they have never been able to talk to before and actually see that scientists are humans.

On Friday, Flatow will broadcast his show live from inside the Simplot Ballroom at Boise State. We're going to talk about fires. We're going to talk about the growing length of the fire season. We have been around the country in different places trying to show that scientists now think that this is evidence of global warming, said Flatow.

Other topics to be discussed include plants, animals and the water shortage. His goal is to teach and enlighten. When you learn something new, that little light bulb goes off in your head and it's a self-satisfying experience, said Flatow. So what we're providing and why people like it, is that little light bulb moment for everybody.

Essentially, Flatow's goal is to make science not only real, but fun. When you say science to somebody, they may go, 'Oh, I'm stupid. I never learned it. It was my worst subject.' But when you talk about health, the environment, solar energy, technology, space, [it s] very popular. People love to talk about it in those terms, said Flatow.

The two hour show begins Friday at noon on Boise State Public Radio, that's 91.5 FM. Tickets to watch the event from inside the Simplot Ballroom at the Student Union Building are sold out. However, two additional listening stations are being set up inside the SUB for people to listen.

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