BOTHELL, Wash. -- The Washington State Patrol says a trooper found three children and a dog locked in the trunk of a car on I-405 in Canyon Park.

Sunday morning, a trooper pulled over a car for a routine traffic stop or at least it all seemed routine at first.

The driver, Anna Boyle, was going 77 mph in the 60 mph zone. When the trooper turned on his lights the car kept driving for half a mile before it stopped.

When the trooper walked up to the car he said there was the distinct smell of marijuana.

But he also heard a sound described as a thumping. It was three kids, an 8-year-old girl and a pair of boys, 7 and 5. They were in the trunk with the family dog.

Troopers said Boyle and her fiance, Aaron Johnson, never said their children were in the trunk and when the little ones were found they claimed they climbed in.

But troopers said there were no car seats and no room for the children.

At this point their health and welfare is what we want, said Trooper Keith Leary. As a trooper that is gratifying right there...that is what lets me sleep at night to do something like that.

Troopers said the kids told them they hadn't eaten since the night before. A sergeant bought them lunch before they were turned over to child protective services, and the mom and her fiance were taken to jail.
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