NAMPA -- A staff member at Idaho Arts Charter School in Nampa was recently diagnosed with a rare form of stage 3 cancer.

Susan Ellis is so loved there that the school organized a special donation event in her honor.

This wasn't your typical fundraiser though. That's because what people are donating is their hair!

Susan wanted to donate her hair, before she lost it to cancer treatment.

Sadly, she was too sick to come. So, her younger sister Carla Houtz came in her place.

Susan was supposed to be here today, but with her being put in the hospital today about two hours ago, I said I would take her spot and cut my hair, said Carla.

Carla has a lot of hair to give.

For her, just for her. She is a very strong woman, very bubbly always on the go, always happy, so it's been pretty hard to see her like this, said Carla.

Her sister isn't the only one donating.

Susan has so much love to give. She and I both had babies last year. She is an amazing mother, said Kendal Fleshman.

Teacher Kendal Fleshman is cutting her hair, too.

This afternoon I cut my hair for Susan, and to donate to Locks of Love, said Kendal.

It wasn't hard for her to do.

Absolutely not, I would do it all over again. It's all for Susan, said Kendal.

Even students stepped up! Like 10th grader Megan Kennedy.

I am donating my hair. It's going to a good cause, said Megan.

What makes this story even more special is that after the event, one of the stylists went to St. Alphonsus to cut Susan's hair for her so she could be a part of it.

She had 20 inches of hair to give to Locks of Love!

Susan Ellis and all the people who donated hair at Idaho Arts Charter School are this week s Seven's Heroes.

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