ONTARIO -- The first weekend in June, Ontario held the America's Global Village Festival. However, events were interrupted when a teen crashed his car through the event and into the bandstand. The Boise Highlanders never got to finish their performance at the festival. Saturday, they got together with a couple other acts to finish the show and pay tribute to first responders and those involved in the crash.

This year during our America's Global Village Festival, unfortunately it ended in a tragedy. We had a citizen that took his car and ran it into the bleachers, said John Breidenbach of the Ontario Chamber of Commerce.

Saturday June 2, the celebration turned to turmoil.

We had 32 people who were injured in one way or another. We're just hoping that they recover fully, both physically and mentally, said Ontario Police Chief, Mark Alexander.

Chief Alexander was out of town when the crash happened. He heard about it from one of his sergeants.

Just his explanation of how well they had that under control, and the coordination between police, and there was also the Oregon State Police, the Malheur County Sheriff's office, 24 Treasure Valley Paramedics, Ontario Fire and Rescue, said Chief Alexander. It's just a tragic event but for something like that to happen we just had the best people available and the best teamwork available to help take care of those people.

Chief Alexander thanked all those who were on the scene. The group who was performing when the crash happened inspired Saturday s events.

The Boise Highlanders got a hold of us and said they wanted to do something to finish the show that day. And so it's actually probably going to make it stronger and bigger, said Breidenbach.

Breidenbach said they plan to continue and expand the festival next year.

The citizens of the western Treasure Valley are like; you know this is what we do. We move on and go forward, Breidenbach said.

This is a small community and events like this is going to show that we're not going to let one person's poor actions take that away from us, said Chief Alexander.

The driver who crashed at the festival in June is 19-year-old Jamie Everardo. He was charged with three counts of assault in the second degree, 16 counts of assault in the third degree and one count of driving under the influence of intoxicants. The prosecutor says it appears the 19-year-old used inhalants before the crash.

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