BOISE -- The Broncos take the field Saturday in the first home game of the season, facing off against Miami-Ohio.

And whether you're going to be watching the game from home or from inside Bronco Stadium, you'll probably notice some new additions.

From the outside it's hard to see all the changes to Bronco Stadium, and there are a lot.

Some of the most visible changes are the addition of 3,500 seats in the north and south end zones.

The north end zone has completely new bleachers that are still general admission seating.

Boise State just added more bleachers to the south end zone on top of what's already there.

Also new this year is banners - a lot of them. They are on the south side of the stadium and behind the sidelines.

You might also notice that the track is missing - sort of.

Since Dona Larsen Park opened up earlier this year, the track inside Bronco Stadium was no longer needed, so crews painted the track gray to blend in more with the rest of the stadium.

One step at a time, but I think it's a lot nicer than it's been and makes the stadium look a lot nicer, said BSU Associate Athletic Director Curt Apsey.

There is still some construction going on. A new football complex at the north end of the stadium won't be completed until 2013. Construction on the nearly 70,000 square foot facility is well underway. It will house everything football.

Apsey says it's a huge addition to the program.

Another addition that's a big convenience is Boise State has connected the concourses between the east and west stands. The concourse runs under the new south bleachers. Now fans don't have to walk outside the stadium to get from one side to the other.

If the stadium hadn't been expanded, BSU would be all out of tickets for Saturday's game.

But there are more seats than last year and when we checked Friday afternoon, 3,000 individual game tickets and 400 season tickets were still available.

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