BOISE -- If you spend any time in the Boise foothills, your opinion on what you see and can do there matters, and what you say could have an impact on the next five to ten years.

The Boise Foothills Management Plan was completed in 2000, with the goal for long-term protection of plants, wildlife and recreation.

Now, 12-years later, organizers are looking to revamp the project and make the appropriate changes by hosting public open houses.

The public is so involved in the foothills and has their view on the foothills and whatever their topic, said Foothills and Open Space manager Julie Grant . And this is their opportunity to provide us what their vision is for the foothills, for the next five to ten years.

Thursday night's public hearing discussed water, plants and wildlife, but other meetings coming up will include recreation and sportsmanship, as well as funding.

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