BOISE -- The St Luke's Health System is partnering with SelectHealth, a Utah-based health insurance company, to change the way patients with health insurance are served. To their knowledge, it's the first program of its kind in the nation.

We're really excited about the strategic affiliation between St. Luke's Health System and SelectHealth, said St. Luke's Health System President and CEO Dr. David Pate.

Pate said their new system will reward physicians for good results, rather than just for the number of patients they see. Folks will buy insurance through SelectHealth. It will be the doctor's goal to keep the patient's treatment costs below their insurance premiums. And it rewards doctors when a patient has a good recovery.

We've entered into a new relationship so we can completely change the business model so it will incentivize the health system, the physicians, and all the independent physicians and facilities that we work with around the state to lower those health care costs, Pate said.

St. Luke's said this new plan will fit well with President Obama's Affordable Care Act. But officials said they would be going forward with the partnership with SelectHealth with or without the Affordable Care Act.

This insurance plan with SelectHealth applies to the St Luke's Health System and some independent physicians and facilities. You can sign up later this month, with start dates in October of this year and January 2013.

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