CALDWELL -- Caldwell Police are still trying to figure out how a single bullet could injure two people.

The shooting happened around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday at a home on Nogales Street in Caldwell.

Lt. Devin Riley said two people were taken to the West Valley Medical Center by a friend after the early morning shooting. Then one victim, who was more severely injured, was taken to a hospital in Boise.

Another victim, Irene Depaz, 27, was released from the Caldwell hospital Tuesday afternoon.

Depaz said she was fast asleep when she was woken up by a loud bang. Then pain soared through her arm and she realized she had been shot.

It entered right here somewhere in this side, said Depaz as she described where the bullet went. Then it came back and it s somewhere here, as she pointed to her bicep.

The bullet struck her shoulder, but doctors say the bullet remains still lodged inside her arm.

Lt. Riley said someone from a group of several people in the garage fired a gun. After it struck the first victim, the bullet then soared through the wall and struck Depaz as she was sleeping in her room.

They are going to leave the bullet in there for now, Depaz said.

When she was released from the hospital Tuesday afternoon, she called her boyfriend Hugo Mora for support.

I mean just the way things happen the way she told me how they happened, it was one bang and it was two people hurt, said Mora.

Depaz was hoping to get back into her home to collect some fresh clothes and other belongings, but she especially wanted her dog. However, police had the home blocked off with yellow police tape.

We don t know if it was alcohol related, we don t know if it was drug related, we don t know if it was a fight inside the house, a domestic, or anything. We don t know anything at this time, said Lt. Riley.

But Lt. Riley did say that two people were taken in for in questioning at the Caldwell Police Department Tuesday, but no charges have been filed.

As Depaz waited outside her home, she held onto her wounded arm. She said her mind was focused on getting to her dog.

I know she is still there, said Depaz.

You know when it happens to you or someone that you know, it gets to you, you never expect it, said Mora.

Moments later, an officer brought Depaz s dog to her, giving her a bit of comfort.

So I just wanted her. I know she hates loud noises, she doesn t likes fireworks or worse, so this may have been stressful for her, she said.

Mora hopes detectives will get to the bottom of the shooting. He added that he still believes Caldwell is a safe place to live.

The victim who was shot initially in the garage, remains in the hospital. Authorities have not released his condition, but Depaz said he is in critical condition.

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