BOISE -- Do you have a preteen, or teenage daughter? If so, you probably know this time in their life can be challenging. There are so many influences out there, and it can be tough to build self esteem and confidence.

Rebecca Evans is dedicated to helping girls find their own gifts and talents, and to realize they are perfect just the way they are.

Evans is the founder of the PERFECT program. She also coaches a camp called PERFECT power that includes martial arts training and much more.


Perfect is a program for middle and high school aged girls. It's designed to help girls find their sense of self and to help make choices without regrets.

The PERFECT system is something that Evans is very passionate about.

We started a non profit, started filling up the gap, to help prevent eating disorders, teenage suicide, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and domestic violence, Evans explains.

Evans wants to give young girls the power to be healthy - from the inside out, because as she says This is an age that is such a turning point.

Evans reached that conclusion through experiences in her own life.

I could see that I didn't have this gap filled for me at the age of 14, she says, adding I could have very easily ended up a statistic.

Evans says PERFECT was born through that realization.

I was really passionate about 'let's bring these girls in, and give them tools we didn't have, Evans said.


16-year-old Rachael Tashbook is a participant in the PERFECT program.

I think it's really cool, Tashbook told KTVB. I especially like the self defense portion of it.

Tashbook is also learning self worth. Definitely, I feel much more confident, she said.

Maeve Strausser wanted to learn more from Evans.

She just seemed like a great woman that I wanted to be inspired by, Strausser said, adding It's great because we all have different experiences, and we all come from different backgrounds.

Evans says many of these girls are dealing with the same issues.

Do I measure up in comparison to what is out there in the media, what's in their schools, how are boys looking at them? she gives as examples.

What Evans ultimately wants to do is take that comparison factor away, to help them become the best versions of themselves.


There are two ten week PERFECT sessions a year. The next one starts September 20th. For more information, call 794-5578 or find PERFECTonline. There is a fee, but scholarships are available.

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