BOISE -- The state of Idaho agreed to pay $750,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by former Idaho Transportation Director Pam Lowe. The Idaho Transportation Department released the details just after noon on Wednesday.

Lowe sued claiming wrongful termination and sexual discrimination after she was fired in 2009.

Lowe claimed she was fired for political reasons, and also claimed sexual discrimination when the man who replaced her was hired at a significant pay increase.

Under the settlement the state transportation board does not admit fault or wrongdoing.

The two sides reached the out of court settlement back on July 11, 2012 after a 14-hour session with a mediator. At that time, Lowe would not give details of the settlement but said My family and I have decided that it is time to look to our future, and we are pleased to have reached a satisfactory resolution.

Lowe is now working with the Delaware Transportation Department.

The Idaho Transportation Board still believes it was appropriate and within its legal rights to fire Ms. Lowe, but concluded a settlement is the best course at this time, said ITD spokesman Jeff Stratten. The board was prepared to take its case to trial, but the potential risks, time, expense, and possible appeals meant the costs of litigation would continue to escalate.

Stratten said the $750,000 comes from the transportation department's personnel savings. In other words, it is money saved from positions that have been left open at the agency.

Earlier this year, KTVB reported that the State of Idaho also paid more than $500,000 in legal bills to defend the wrongful firing and sexual discrimination lawsuit.

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