BOISE -- In Pine, there has been a little bit of rain Sunday afternoon with crews only seeing a few drops before it clears up again.

Rain seems like it would bring relief to the firefighters but with this amount unfortunately won't make a difference fighting this fire.

A thunderstorm is supposed to move right over the fire and a red flag warning has been issued in the area.

Crews are keeping a close eye on the weather because thunderstorms don't just bring rain, lightning and erratic winds usually go hand in hand with this type of weather.

Firefighters are prepared if lightning ignites any new fires.

It has been a heads up situation all day for our fire crews and as it develops more they will be prepared for those possible gusty winds and any fire behavior changes that are associated with that, said Mallory Eils, Bureau of Land Management Public Information Officer.

The wind helped clear out some of the thick smoke that blanketed Featherville Saturday. Late Sunday afternoon the first helicopter went up to work on the fire.

The smoke was so thick it Saturday the sheriff's office decided to evacuate the town. It was getting too dangerous to have everyone on the roads.

Incident Command says 366 people consider Featherville their main home. Most of them chose to evacuate but 29 people stayed.

Firefighters plan to burn the area behind Featherville so when the fire gets here it will have less to burn. But right now, Firefighters say they have to be patient. If they start that operation too soon they say there plan won't work. So everyone in the town including the firefighters is just waiting.

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