BOISE -- Police say a 53-year-old Boise man has been charged with a string of crimes after allegedly driving under the influence, leaving the scene of an accident, and then assaulting an officer at the Ada County Jail.

Boise Police arrested James P. Krapp just after 10 p.m. on Wednesday.They say Krapp was driving drunk when he hit a vehicle in an intersection near Maple Grove Road and Emerald Street, then tried to drive away with his headlights and taillights off.

Police say an BPD officer who saw the crash happen then tried to stop Krapp, but actually had to physically remove the 53-year-old from his vehicle.

Once in custody, police say they noticed Krapp smelled strongly of alcohol, had blurry eyes, and slurred speech.

When brought to the Ada County jail, Krapp then allegedly spit on a civilian employee and kicked a law enforcement officer.

He's currently charged with felony battery on an officer, misdemeanor battery, misdemeanor leaving the scene of an accident, and misdemeanor DUI.

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