BOISE -- Saturday, hundreds of people gathered in Boise to send a message to the friends and family of captured soldier Bowe Bergdahl: 'We have not forgotten.'

Saturday marked the three-year anniversary of Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's capture in Afghanistan. But around the state, and around the nation, people held events to honor Bergdahl.

Angie Baldwin, a veteran herself, organized an event to raise money and awareness called 'Bring Bowe Home'.

We know that we're going to bring him home, and we hope that this will bring him home, said Baldwin. We don't want him to be forgotten.

The day started with members of the Boise Valley POW-MIA riders roaring into the parking lot at Expo Idaho.

We recognize our brother that's still waiting to come home, Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, said Terry Regelin, of the Boise Valley POW-MIA. We remember those we depended on in battle, who depend on us to bring them home.

A Missing Man table ceremony was held in honor of Bowe.

Then, it was time to workout. It was just one Crossfit group workout of many around the state, nation and world.

We even have people in Afghanistan and Iraq that are serving, that do Crossfit, that are doing the workout, said Baldwin. It's all for today, all for Bowe.

The very challenging workouts included running, pushups, kettlebell exercises, box jumps, and squats for around 20 minutes, all without a rest.

But what did these very challenging workouts have to do with a captured soldier? Apparently, a lot.

You're struggling through the workout, you're going to think about Bowe, said Baldwin. You're going to be strong for him, because he's being strong for us.

There were three rounds of workouts, which represented the three years of Bergdahl's captivity. Fifty-two pushups represented every week in the year Bergdahl has been held by the Taliban. The reps of 6, 3, and 9 on the other exercises represented 6-30-2009, the date of Bergdahl's capture.

These efforts did not go unnoticed by Bergdahl's family, as his mom, Jani, sent along a message.

I would like to thank you for thinking of Bowe and our family, said Jani in the statement. Bowe was always involved in many different fitness activities when he was free to do such. We hope he might hear about your support and this will help him survive in a resilient way. Staying fit can only help us ensure the trials of life that may possibly come.

I feel exhausted, but I feel proud, said John Larson, who participated in the workout. I feel like I was a part of something. We're all in this pain together.

This is a small thing I can do for something he's been going through the last three years, and even before that, said Cianna Franklin, who also worked out.

The athletes KTVB talked to said they'll continue to do hero workouts for our fallen soldiers. But they hope that this will be the last one they'll have to do without Bergdahl.

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