MERIDIAN -- About 300 job-seekers braved the heat while standing in the parking lot of the newly-built Big Al's bowling alley and restaurant on Friday.

Big Al's -- which offers food, drinks, bowling, and arcade games -- told KTVB they plan to hire about 175 employees to staff the location.

The company will be one of the first businesses to open its doors in 'The Village' -- a development at the intersection of Eagle Road and Fairview Avenue. The complex is part of the future Meridian Town Center development.

Staff at Big Al's told KTVB that some job seekers had waited in line for up to 3 hours before getting an interview. Some stood in line so long that they gave up. Others remained upbeat, smiling and cheering as KTVB cameras captured the event.

20-year old Burkley Crofts told KTVB he's unemployed, and wanted to get a job interacting with people. I'm getting married in August, so this could really help me get started off in marriage the right way, Crofts said.

Shilo Sparks said she's a job seeker originally from Seattle. The single mom also said she wasn't daunted by the large line. In this economy I think there's going to be competition no matter where you go, so you just have to go in there, do your best and hope you get the job, Sparks said.

Big Al's started their hiring fair at 10 a.m. Friday, and plans to conclude at 4 p.m. the same afternoon. The company will also conduct 16 more days of open hiring for those interested in position that weren't able to make it to Friday's job fair.

You can find more information at the Big Al's Meridian website.

The company is hiring for both full-time and part-time positions. The positions include Sports Bar servers and bartenders, Bowling Lane servers - Facilities staff and several key Managers.

Big Al's opens on august 6th.

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